Neck pain is a common symptom. It is caused by poor postures such as work and sleep, resulting in pain and movement limitations.

It is treated simply with rest and physiotherapy. Plus, with medication. Neck pain is dangerous when it is associated with pain, numbness, or weakness in the hands — exceptional attention to the pain that occurs after an accident and injury.

The pain treated with simple procedures up to neurosurgery. Important: For more and more specialized, medical information, contact a specialist e.g., Neurosurgeon

The neck that includes the entire neck area is the beginning of the pulley column. Neck pain (neck pain) is the feeling of pressure, pain that we feel in the neck area, on the back of it, and ending up as the base of the skull.

Along with pain can be accompanied by other symptoms such as vertigo, the tendency for vomiting, pruning, etc.

Causes (Neck pain causes & prevention)


The neck also consists of muscles. They support and move along with the nerves and joints in all directions.

When the muscles are in a bad posture, weak head position during sleep or from a jolt from a fall, a car accident or during a sport, inflammation, and a reactive contraction can occur. Usually is accompanied by pain in the neck several times intense.

Also significant is the long-term poor posture that can lead to cervical pain and muscle throne in the affected correct body position.


The neck is very susceptible to various injuries (rolling, fall, sports accident), leading to soft particle damage scans of the neck and extremities of the head (muscles, ligaments, etc.).

It often manifests itself by cervical that may also have an impact on the bones of the spine, accusations, or even the spinal cord where such damages may be intoxicated for life itself.


Among the cervical vertebrae are soft as a gel, and their purpose is to absorb even the intense vibrations to avoid bone friction.

For some reason, this pillow can move as after a surge and bone degeneration. Spinal cord with significant effect causing pain as well as neurological problems and abnormality that can even cause disability of the up extremities.


Arthritis that means inflammation of the ethnicities, can be generalized in many parts of the body or localized in a single area of the body like the neck.

Inflammation in the neck area, as usual, occurs from the destruction of joints causes. Mechanical causes may be the friction of the joints (such as degenerative osteoarthritis), thus disrupting the healthy growth of the bone. Thus, abnormal bone interference formed called osteophytes or otherwise relating in the neck.

The pain in the case of arthritis is due to the inflammation itself. Also, osteophytes can create pain.


They may also underline a severe condition such as neoplastic treatment or meningitis. They may also highlight a critical situation such as neoplastic treatment or meningitis.

PREVENTION OF CERVICAL ACCIDENTS (Neck pain causes & preventions)

For driving

Correct adjustment of the head restraint of the seats. They must be at such a height that, tilting the head backward, the administrator must rest on the pillow.

So in case of sudden braking or collision, the head restraints might look useful and not injure.

http://Neck pain is a common symptom. It is caused by poor postures such as work and sleep, resulting in pain and movement limitations.


Prefer to sports which you know. You should pay particular attention when, at an older age, you do contact sports.

Also, participate in contact sports that your teammates need to know the game well. Many accidents have occurred because a sloppy unfamiliar person of the competition injured us.

Also, especially at a young age, children participating in contact sports should participate according to their age, but also emphasis placed on the significant difference in body weight between athletes.

Also, learning the right technique of sports helps so that there is no lasting wear on the body and especially on the neck. Finally, the appropriate equipment is essential on occasion.

Correct body posture

The right attitude to driving, in the office, walking and sleeping With the proper use of pillows. The TV height, working on a computer, when I work the attitude I have when I use the mobile phone, the way I stand, they play an essential role in avoiding the degeneration of the spine, the articulated

The right way to exercise

Beware of exercise technique during execution. When I work out, I have to use the instructions and knowledge only from sports experts.

The sports expert will direct me to the correct technical performance of the exercises, and the right breathes the right attitude and the proper burden that my body receives.

A critical point is how we perform stretches on the neck. Keep in mind necessary to learn to use them properly by an individual trainer, physiotherapist. That way we’ll avoid injuries in the long run.

Also, proper training imposed on healthy people. The fitness leads us to the exercise and competence of the neck muscles. And, of course, in the appropriate functioning of all joints.

Finally, the proper diet and good mental state lead us to longer and quality life.

f.One way of preventing more significant neck damage after an accident is a right way to immobilize the neck.

Neck Injury with “Whips trial – analysis” (Neck pain causes & preventions)

O let’s take a look at what “Whip trial ” is and how it works. Where does it come from, what are its symptoms? What diagnosis and treatment should we receive? For example, while stopping a car in front of the traffic light.

The rear vehicle where the driver has now diverted his attention to his cellphone. It falls into the stopped vehicle, causing the front driver to become heavily involved — a sharp acceleration of head and neck forward and slower backward movement.his movement looks like a whip move, and from there, it got its name.


Most people drive by car now

Unfortunately, using a mobile phone while driving has had the worst results in road accidents. It takes the driver’s concentration.

Most traffic accidents have to respond to insurance payments, with courts hearing eight of the ten cases of “whip” injuries. To ”Whip trial” accident causes muscle injury and joint damage.

When the head returns, there should be a pillow to protect the head. So that the head returns to the pad. It should be 6 cm above head height.

Also, the entire seat should be at right angles, with the place not turned back so that the head is about 7 cm away from the pillow.

In the event of a severe accident, especially in the event of a traffic accident, a non-specialist should never move and transport the patient himself.

This expert, where they know and use accessories to protect the neck from further damage. Leave the patient stationary there, because if there is an injury, the patient can suffer irreparable severe damage.

Symptoms that a patient may have are dizziness and neck pain – medicine rates a four-stage diagnosis of a whiplash injury, zero means that patients have nothing. At Grade 1, the patient feels a stiffness around the neck and has a muscle injury.

Category 2 means that it has neurological findings. Grade 4 means that the patient has a fracture and needs immediate surgery.

These ratings also play an essential role in the courts Eight out of ten, after such a traffic accident, settle their disputes judicially.

For example, in England, if doctors rate from 1 to 2, then they will be judged by an out-of-court committee of 2.5 – 3.5 thousand pounds. If it is Grade 3 or 4, then it becomes a court. Unfortunately, people that beat will suffer from neck pain, so that chronic pain is no longer there.

This chronic pain has: to fill our body with the emptiness created by squeezing. Now chronic pain. To cope with this pain, the neurosurgeon has to undergo a stabilization operation. Post-accident physiotherapy also helps with conservative treatment.

If the pain persists within twelve weeks after the accident, then we must again ask the orthopedist and the neurosurgeon to take the appropriate measures, and one of them is surgery.

So we can quickly realize that using a mobile phone distracts the driver from driving is the worst driving time. Urgent help in preventing the use of cell phones is that government cameras on the roads.

They can now track the use of mobile phones by drivers by photographing and paying the fines. One can also suffer from a ” Whip trial” collision in contact sports such as martial arts, boxing, football, rugby, and other contact sports.

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