Today I am sharing with you 12 best practical ways to improve yourself.

Q no 1: How can I improve myself? Q no 2: How can I become a successful person?

1: Punctuality (Times restriction)

Punctuality is the key to success.

Man’ s greatest achievement is punctuality. Time restriction is most important to become a successful person. If you want to improve yourself first learn to be punctual.

The man who walks with time never loses. Many premature tasks often worsened and after the passage of time, there is only regret. So it makes sense to us time restriction is very important to become a successful person.

2: Write a letter to your future self

Man-made his fate himself. He should work hard and devotions so that he may succeed in his life. Hard work is a great truth that cannot be falsified in this world. If we look back into the past it will be clear that all the great men of the past labored and work with courage and ornamented their fate.

Abraham Lincoln had been the president of America if we study his life history we shall come to know that he was the son of a woodcutter, but he had thirst for study. He worked hard and devotions then he changed his fate. It makes sense to us if we improve ourselves then we change our life.

3: Try Try again

When you lose you feel some stress. First of all, if you do not lose then how will you win? You try again if you still do not live then try again because try, again and again, is the golden rule of succeeding.

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. So we should keep up try again and again to cross this road and get a brilliant success.

4: Quit a bad habit

Make a list of your all habits and then separate your good and bad habits. See the list of your bad habits and try to quit your bad habits. Quit bad habit is an important one thing that helps you to improve your self.

We are all creatures of habit. We follow the same routines, day in, day out. This makes life easier for us, but it also makes us lazy. To spice things up, you need to change your habits. I’m not talking about refraining from brushing your teeth but maybe brush with the opposite hand.


5: Read a book daily

Read a book every day because books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose to yourself. Books are bridges they connected us with society.

Chose a perfect book like according to your profession read and learn something new. Do some new, do some good!

6: Pick up a new hobby

I suggest one good thing improve yourself quickly is to pick up a new hobby. It makes yourself fresh and trained your mind for new ideas.

Examples are fencing, golf, rock climbing, football, canoeing, or ice skating.

Your new hobby can also be a recreational hobby. For example, pottery, Italian cooking, dancing, wine appreciation, web design, etc.

Learning something new requires you to stretch yourself in different aspects, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally.

7: Learn from people who inspire you

Some times some people hurt you; that is time to judge yourself and learn from that person who inspires you.

Why people inspire you? Because they should lose you through your brain, then they hurt you to encourage your qualities.

So when somebody inspires you don’t kill your qualities and learn something new from that person who inspires you.

8: Wake up early in the Morning

The first good habit of a successful person is awake up early in the morning. First of all, make a time table of your daily work routine if you make every day refresh yourself and your brain then get up early in the morning and going for a morning walk.

I make it a point to exercise a few times a week. When I do, I feel great. Working up a sweat and lifting weights makes me feel good about myself and improves my mood. Not surprisingly, when I am busy and can’t make it to the gym, I find I am less motivated in general and my mood sours.


9: Learn from your friends

Good friends are the blessing of God. You have many friends in which some the good and some are bad. The company of bad friends level down your skills and kill your qualities so try to keep away from the company of bad friends.

The good friends make your life beautiful with happiness they always sport you in any way of life. Always learn from your friends if they are good then you follow them and level up your skills or if they are bad then you learn more from them and improve yourself very well.

10: Level up your skills

If you have played video games before, you’ll know the concept of leveling up – gaining experience so you can be better and stronger.

For example, I am a blogger, and I always level up my writing skills. I am a teacher and I ever level up my teaching skills. I am a student and I still level up my learning skills. What skills can you level up? What is your profession? What is your Life goal? A person who achieves a brilliant success always level up her skills.

11: Focus on your life goal

Focus on your goal is one important thing to get big success in your life. First of all your passion and profession are both the same. Chose your life goal according to your passion and made its own profession, if your passion and profession are the same then you achieve a brilliant success in life and become a successful person.

For example; I like biology so I like to become a doctor in the future. My hobby is writing so I like to write an article. There are biology and hobby passions, doctor, and article writer professions. If your passion is also your profession then you have a great interest in your work and quickly achieve success in your life.

This is my favorite of the tips to improve yourself. You need to know who you are and what you stand for. In other words, you need to create a personal mission statement. Don’t mull over creating the perfect mission statement here. Just come up with something that identifies who you are and what you care about. As time goes on, you can modify it.

My mission statement talks about being a healthy person that always looking for the positive in life. Again, nothing complicated and there is room for improvement, just like with life.

12: Control your Negative Thoughts And Emotions

I mentioned in a previous tip about learning to love yourself. You will always have critics, including yourself. You need to learn to deal with any negative thoughts and emotions you have.

At first, you may find this difficult to do. But over time, controlling your thoughts will become easier.

Understand that negative thoughts will always be with us because ups and downs are part of life. They create a problem when we allow them to fester inside and ruin our day. So there was bad traffic this morning. Instead of letting it fester inside and taking that anger out on others, learn to brush it off. Don’t allow it to ruin your entire day. It’s a day you will never get back.

The same idea applies when others are rude or short to you. You don’t know what is happening in their life. Maybe they got into a car accident. Maybe they are getting divorced.

Most times that aren’t angry at you, they just take it out on you because they haven’t dealt with the issue effectively enough. Don’t let their actions ruin your day.

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